Thursday, April 23, 2015

Monty Awards 2014

The Fourth Annual Montpelier Station Awards, affectionately known as the Montys.

Folk Music Awards chosen by a committee of bloggers and podcasters living quite near Montpelier station.

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A playlist of some of the music we are chattering about...

And the YouTube version....

Best Album of 2014

Fumes and Faith - Luke Jackson

The Hum - O'Hooley and Tidow

At Our Next Meeting - The Furrow Collective

Two White Cranes - Two White Cranes

Let the Wind Blow High or Low - Sid Goldsmith and Jimmy Aldridge

And the winner is....

Best New Song of 2014

Running Out of Time - Luke Jackson (Disqualified for winning last year)

Sister -  Luke Jackson

Summat's Brewing - O'Hooley and Tidow

Diabetes Blues - Gaz Brookfield

Giant - Heg and the Wolf Chorus

Ballad of Richard Howard - Sam Sweeney/Hugh Lupton

And the winner is....

Best New Version of Old Song 2014

Beeswing by Luke Jackson

Young Outlaw of the Hills by the Furrow Collective

The L and N Don't Stop Here Any More by Jimmy and Sid

The Grand Conversation on Napoleon by Martin and Eliza Carthy

Roll, Alabama Roll by Bellowhead

And the winner is...

Best Gig of 2014

The Roaring Trowmen at The Kingsdown Wine Vaults, Bristol

The Fire Pit Collective at The Old England, Bristol

Gaz Brookfield at the Bank, Bristol

Jim Moray at Chapel Arts Bath

And the winner is...

Onion Award for Making the Judge Cry

Show of Hands singing Cousin Jack at Trowbridge Village Pump Festival

Sam Sweeney for Made in the Great War

Luke Jackson singing Down to the Sea (Live You Tube Version)

Peggy Seeger singing Still Quite Early Morning at the Radio 2 Folk Awards

And the winner is... 

Special Awards

Festival Goer of the Year

Best Coffee at a Festival

Monkhouse Award for Best Album of Sinatra Covers By An Artist Named Bob

And the winners are...

Special Award For Gig That Was Most Special

Nic Jones at St Georges Bristol

Show of Hands at Trowbridge Village Pump Festival

Blackbeard's Tea Party at Avalon Stage, Glastonbury

Yoko Ono at Park Stage, Glastonbury

And the winner is

Overall Favourite Performer of 2014

The winner is...